M. Tech. in Semiconductor Materials & Devices

The program aims to nurture expertise in Semiconductor Materials and Devices, one of essential resources to make India as the global hub for Electronic Systems and Manufacturing. The program is in line with the recent expansion of the vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat in setting up of India Semiconductor Mission.

By the year 2030, the global need of AI+IoT devices are predicted to be >350 billion (source: 2020 IEEE ISSCC,Cisco VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast 2017-2022).

The specialized degree programs such as Semiconductor Materials and Devices is of paramount importance to meet the technological growth and demands both nationally and globally

In the recent initiatives of the Indian government Rs.76000 crore (>10 billion USD) has been approved for development of semiconductors and manufacturing ecosystem in the country (source: investindia.gov.in). The current academic program is meant for enthusiastic bright candidates who are willing to take a career path on semiconductor technology.

Further details for applying can be found here: https://www.iith.ac.in/mtechadmissions/.

Brochure for the program

Provisionally selected candidates for M. Tech. in Semiconductor Materials and Devices (July 2022) (Click Here)


Curriculum for M. Tech. in Semiconductor Materials and Devices.

PG Curriculum