About Us

Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering (MSME) faculty and student research spans from the infinitesimally small to the macroscopic scale to achieve breakthroughs of global significance. We are scientists and engineers working at the atomic and molecular levels to enable materials, devices and systems essential for cutting-edge solar energy production, energy storage, information technology, medicine and many more.

Department of MSME is home to the world’s premier program focused on Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering the study of matter and how it is made.

Our community members undertake interdisciplinary projects that draw on fundamental sciences in pursuit of beneficial engineering solutions. From construction materials to anti-microbial materials, we seek to understand the design, composition, structure-properties correlation, and performance of materials – and to derive new, effective, and sustainable alternatives.

Our field welcomes original thinkers who embrace complexity, aspire to drive positive change, and harness the power of ambitious research to shape a better future. Our collaborative community of students, scientists, scholars and industrial professionals from across the globe are working together

While continuing to equip students with the latest scientific and technological skills sets much needed by the industry, the department has evolved into a hub of excellence in its niche areas of research. Multinational corporations and R&D institutions as its research collaborators and funding partners.

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